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Second Life Might As Well Be First Life May 10, 2010

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Some use second life as just another social networking tool where they log in every now and then to catch up on what is going on in their virtual world. But then there are those who are totally consumed by the site. I have seen friends act as if their avatar on Second Life is an actual person and I have also seen individuals in TV documentaries act extremely introverted because of this site. Unlike Myspace or Facebook, on Second Life a member can create an avatar that interacts with others in a total virtual world. There have been reported cases of individuals using Second Life to escape reality. Some individuals use this site to be who they claim they really are because they feel they cannot interact with others in reality. And because of the popular trend of individuals spending so much time in their second lives marketers have picked up on the new actions. Now as you walk the streets and visit friends in your world on second life you can now find ads for Coca-Cola and insurance policies. Most of the time these ads look like everyday billboards or streets signs. If an ad interest you, you can use your avatar to click on the advertisements and explore in more detail. Before seeing this potential, marketers were loosing out on those individuals who spend little time outside of the home and much time in their second lives. But now the tables have turned and Second Life is becoming more and more like out first lives, ads and all.


The Radio Hits The Web

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Some odd years ago after the internet picked up momentum the radio saw a new avenue. Instead of just broadcasting over that little box next to your bed side or the stereo in your car now radio stations are broadcasting over the internet. And it doesn’t stop there. Now the radio stations are beginning to veer away from using the telephone. Previously stations would encourage their listeners to “call in” and request a song or compete in a contest or even just to chat with the on air personality. But now you can find many radio stations encouraging their listeners not to call in but to visit their websites. On these websites listeners can listen live to radio broadcast, interact with games and look up the bios of musical artist. One of the biggest change comes from radio stations asking their listeners to visit their website to send in song request and to enter contest. A local bay area station, KMEL, entices it’s customers to visit their online site to enter in contest codes to the 106 entry on their website. Many listeners are still used to dialing a phone number to win a prize and are taken by surprise when they get though the phone lines to be told they are not the winner because it is an online contest. Will this trend stay? Will radio stations beginning doing most of their business online? only time will tell.


Can Technology Go Too Far? April 24, 2010

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A new technology with blow smartphones out of the water. MIT students have been looking into creating a sixth sense device. After watching this video many may be skeptical about the accuracy of this device. But it is already in the works.

It looks fun and interesting. But this device might be difficult to adapt to and might cause security problems. This can potentially lead to virtual abuse and identity theft. I’m not sure how comfortable I would be to have someone “scan” me and compile all my information with such ease. If used properly I can see this device replacing todays cellphone and smart phones. But it still has a long way to go and will not be something that happens over night.


Pinkberry Goes Social

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There are so many social networking sites out there. The most well-known are Myspace and Facebook. These sites allows friends to connect with each other through sharing pictures, status updates and writing bios about them selves.

But what a bout Pinkyberry? Most people look at Pinkberry as an up and coming frozen yogurt franchise who offers four flavors with an array of topping choices. But look a little deeper and you may find that Pinkberry is trying to create a whole social network around their product. Like Facebook and Myspace, Pinkberry has created its own networking site, Groupies. This site is similar to the already established social networking websites. Groupies allows users to create profiles where they can upload photos, create status updates and share stories based on their pinkberry experiences.

Pinkberry may be the example that other businesses may follow. Other business may veer away from blogging sites and turn to more interactive social networking sites to engage their customers. Only time will tell.


Become a STAR on Youtube April 7, 2010

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How many have seen this video?

Youtube is becoming more and more viral each day. At this point must individuals who have access to the internet have spent some time on Views may access the site to watch movies, past tv shows, look at commercials or just pass time. But it seems like today youtube is generating more views then some household tv sets. With movies and tv shows you will only find well know celebrities on the screen. Before the youtube crazy “the average Joe’s” best chance to be seen by others on tv was to walk in the background of a local newscaster who was reporting live. But with the increase in use of youtube, walking in the background of a news shot is a thing of the past.

Today over a million videos have been uploaded to youtube. Celebrities are utilizing the site to stay connected with fans, business are getting the chance to advertize products and the “average Joes” are getting their chance to shine. Through youtube any one hs the opportunity to upload a video and be seen by thousands world-wide. Many people have received their 15 minutes of fame just based off of the clip they posted on youtube when they were just playing around with friends or just hanging out at home. R&B singer Leona Lewis was first discovered on youtube when American Idol’s Simon Cowell saw her video and signed her to his label. Today talk shows like they Tyra show and Oparh have entire episodes based on videos they have seen on youtube. Trya and Oparh have flown out several “average Joes” to their studios to appear as guest on their talk shows because of a tiny 30 second to 5 minute clip they have posted on youtube. Now look at the bo in the picture…David. I bet you’ve seen this video or have at least hear about the boy who just got out of the dentist and didn’t know where he was because of the drugs they gave him remove some of his teeth. Well David has become a mini star, he now makes guest appearances and has been seen on many talk shows as well, not to mention he has been the center point of many late night tv show skits. So when is your 15 minutes of fame?


The Google Challenge March 29, 2010

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I am currently taking an internet marketing class and one of our major projects is the Google Adwords Challenge. Before starting this project I did not know myself what Adwords were but know I have a greater understanding of them. The Google challenge allows students to create their own ads for smaller companies and track its progress. So those small ads that you see on the right hand side of your screen when you Google a word or phrase is an adword.

At first I was very unfamiliar with the terminology and the functions of the Adwords account but as time has gone on I have become more and more intrigued. My group and I have chosen a small up and coming clothing line called Free Mental Clothing. Currently Free Mental is only available from a larger site, My job is to create advertisements and create a list of search-able keywords to generate more traffic to After seeing the progress my team and I have created I find myself being consumed with the challenge.

I constantly checking the data to see how many clicks my ads have generated and to see how many impressions (appearances the ads have made) our team has received. I have really caught the bug and I find myself always logging in to my account to make little adjustment that will possibly help increase Free Mental’s online visibility. This is defiantly a project that i would suggest to other students who are interested in marketing or even just the functions of the internet.


Use Of The Internet In The Classroom March 20, 2010

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With the advancement of the internet it has allowed so much room for new opportunities. The classroom has greatly benefited from the expansion of the World Wide Web. From a student’s point of view, the internet has enabled us to gain information faster than ever before. When in need of research we have the opportunity to look for articles on-line via databases as well and books in PDF format. It cuts down the hassle of searching through the library, hopping the books are available and worrying about return dates. The internet has also to keep in constant connection with fellow classmates, we can refer to friends and hear back within moments with sources like meebo, aim, Skype and email.

Teachers also find benefits from the use of internet, this allows their students to expand their minds. Teachers can always have a form of connection between their students which allows for a quicker response time through email. Some teachers utilize videos via the internet. Sites like YouTube and Hulu, teachers can access informational videos that pertain to the subject matter or even listen to guest speakers without a speaker needing to be present.

The use of the World Wide Web has definitely benefited both parties in the education field and will continue to improve thus improve education material as well.


More Than Just A Game March 15, 2010

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After fifteen seasons of playing basketball it has come to an end. When I was in the second grade my parents put me on my first team and I fell in love with the sport. With in those fifteen years I have played on club teams for my city, for my middle school, high school, AAU traveling teams and my university. I’ve worked hard to be playing in my last College NCAA game on my senior night, I’ve been on all-star teams, I’ve won MVP, the coaches award and Defensive Player of the Year in seasons prior. And throughout my entire career the media has followed me the whole way, but it definitely has progressed since my first made basket in 1994

When I was little it was such a big deal for me to run down to my mail box to pick up the Alameda Times and check to see the 7 sentence article that had my team’s name in it. The biggest excitement came when I pickup on the paper and read “Michaelia Baskerville had 6 points to help Girls With Attitude come off with the win.” From that point I always would search the newspaper to see if I was lucky enough to make the towns news. As the years passed little seemed to change, I was in the news paper for my high school games but the biggest shocker wasn’t the 7 sentence quickly write-up, it was the 8 inch full action shot of me on the cover of the sports section of the news paper. By the time I was a Senior in high school my team and I were not only making the front page of the newspaper but we’re being seen on TV’s “High School Sports Focus.”

Next thing you know I graduate high school and go to college to play, now I was making the newspaper of my hometown and local school paper, seen on tv and now being blasted throughout the internet. By the time I started college, the internet was the prime source for sports reporting and for me it was just a new form of media screaming my name. Now my name is being twitted for play-by-play updates, on facebook for game recaps and on the athletic website,, displaying all the talent my team has to offer. Not to mention over the radio as our games are broadcasted world-wide via internet radio. But after 15 years my career ended March 6th, 2010 with my last game against Chaminade University. I’ve definitely seen technology progress throughout my basketball career, it went from a small article in the local paper to a giant front page picture to TV broadcast to radio, facebook, twitter, websites and back to my final article posted on the women’s basketball homepage, “Baskerville recorded a double-double in her final game for the Lady Penguins.”

Guarantee you Google my name and you can see how the media has progressed too.


Lets Go On Vaction With The World Wide Web March 1, 2010

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I’ve been out of town this past week, I actually just came back from my very last Basketball trip ever!! In fact I only have Two games left of my career. After 15 seasons of basketball it will be extremely wired to say goodbye. But the this season was the best way to end it… Washington, a weekend in Denver, Las Vegas, Utah, Arizona and not to mention nine days in Hawaii. But while I was gone the internet kept me connected to everyone back home. I would Skype my roommate and my best friend to make them jealous that I was sitting on an Hawaiian beach while they endured the rainy weather in the Bay Area. I would make phone calls over Skype to my parents to update them on my games and I would constantly email my classmates to keep up with homework.

Every hotel my team and I stayed was equipped with Wi-Fi, if there wasn’t any my coach would find away to make sure we were all connected. The internet is such a vital part daily life now-a-days and most hotel see a drop in hotel reservations when potential customers are not given the option of free internet. While traveling I would come across several other hotels that I was not staying at and all of them seemed to be advertising internet access and HBO. not the comfort or cleanliness of a room out the technology capabilities. But for me I can agree, a trip wouldn’t be complete without internet hook up, at least when you have school to worry about while traveling.


Let’s Talk About Keywords February 22, 2010

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When thinking of what to Google, many don’t think to hard about the keywords. Many who are looking for something will just type in what they know they like. If you were to search for clothing you might want to type in your favorite clothing or department store. But what if your looking for something new, how would you come about finding that? You actually have to put some thought into it… Trendy, Athletic, Cheap, Name Brand… and the list can go on.

Even if you decided to use other servers like, Bing, Yahoo!, or, you going to actually have to pick your brain a little to come up with some good key words. But don’t forget the better list of words you have the better change you have in finding what will suit you the best. Happy web surfing!